Uploading With CuteFTP Pro 3.3

Getting started

When you first load up CuteFTP Pro 3.3 you will be looking at a screen like this:

Note: The 'Site Manager' may contain more sites.

The first job is to add the ftp details for your site to the 'Site Manager', to do this follow these steps:

  1. RIGHT click on 'General FTP sites' and select 'New Folder'

    Then enter a folder name of your choosing e.g. 'My web site'

  2. RIGHT click on 'My web site' (or what ever you called your folder from step 1, and select 'Add new site > New FTP site'

  3. Enter the following details into the 'Site Properties' box:

    Label: Your choice, e.g. My New Web Site
    Host Address: or (this only works once the nameservers have been set)
    Username: Get this from the 'Welcome email' you were sent on sign up
    Password: Get this from the 'Welcome email' you were sent on sign up
    Comments: Optional field, help to remind you which site you are logging on to

    Click 'OK'

  4. Either CuteFTP will attempt to log you in to your site automatically, otherwise RIGHT click on 'My New Web Site' and select 'Connect'

Uploading Your Pages:

A number of changes should now have happened to your window and it should now look something like this:

Points to notice:

  1. The 'Site Manager' window has changed over to the 'Local Drives' setting, you can use the tabs just below the number '1' to toggle between the two.
  2. Displays the files and folders found on your server
  3. Shows the commands being sent to your server by CuteFTP (for reference only)
  4. Tracks the display of pages/files being uploaded once you start uploading your files.
Uploading your first file

  1. Navigate through your local drive in your left hand window, until it displays the page(s) you want to upload.
  2. In window '2' double click on 'public_html' (this is were to upload your pages to that you want people to be able to see on your web site)
  3. Then either RIGHT click on your chosen file and select 'Upload' or click on the upload button at the top of the page:
  4. Window '3' will display the commands being sent in order to upload the file, and window '4' will display the progress of the upload.
  5. Once the transfer has completed your file should then appear in window '2'.
Congratulations ! you have just learnt the basics up how to upload your files using CuteFTP Pro 3.3.

The software obviously has a lot more to offer, more can be learnt from there website by clicking on the 'Help' menu and selecting either 'Visit the online knowledge base' or 'Visit online support'

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