Uploading Your Site Using Dreamweaver 4

By popular demand, we have included a tutorial based on using Dreaweaver's built in FTP program. Make sure you have all your login information from your Welcome email handy before you begin creating a session.

1) Open up Dreamweaver and click on the Site menu. What you want to do is create a new ftp session. The menu will look like the below:

2) The next menu you will encounter will be the local information. You basically need to specify the local root directory (The directory where you website files are located)

A) Site Name - This is an identifier of the ftp sesson. You can practically call it anything you want. Most users simply type in their domain.

B) Local Root Folder - This is where you are keeping your website files. Again, it's best that you keep all your html files and images in one folder. This way, you can use other Dreamweaver features to link relative files automatically.

C) http address - is simply your domain name. You may leave out the www portion of the url.

3) In the category box on the left highlight the web server info category. This is where you will enter all your ftp information.

1. From the "Server Access" drop down menu choose ftp.

2. Hostname will be the hostname sent to you in your Welcome email.

3. public_html is the directory where all your webfiles go. If you don't put anything in this field, you will get the normal directory structure with your logs directory, cgi-bin, and htdocs directories.

4. Login will be your username.

5. Password will be your account password.

* Leave all other boxes unchecked.

6. Click OK when done.

When you click "Done" you should see the below layout. From here click on the connect button located at the very top. Your local files will be on your right side and your server files will be on the left. You can transfer, download, and rename any files however way you wish.

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