Web Hosting Red Flags

You can download a free copy of WS FTP from
  1. Open the WS_FTP LE program:

    A "Session properties" window will appear. Click on the "New" button (on the right).

  2. Enter your information in this configuration window. You can find all your login info in the "Package Setup" email that was sent to you when you signed up.

    • Profile Name: your domain name
    • Host Name/Addresss: Hostname (e.g.,
    • Host Type: Automatic detect
    • User ID: Username (find this in your Welcome email)
    • Password: Password (find this in your Welcome email)
    • Click the "Apply" button
    • Click the "OK" button

  3. Notice how WS_FTP has two windows. The window to the left is "Local System" (your hard drive). The right hand window is "Remote Site" which is your web hosting account on our server. All your files needs to be uploaded to the "public_html" directory on the Remote site. So, double click the "public_html" directory. You can close and open your FTP connection by clicking the "close and connect" button to the bottom left.

  4. After clicking on "public_html", the remote site will show the "public_html" (1) directory and you will see a "index.html". (2)Use this up arrow to browse your harddrive. Find and highlight the file you want to upload to your website and click on the arrow pointed right (3). The arrow pointed left (4) will download your files from your websiter back to your hard drive.

  5. Once you see our files on the "Remote Site" below, then your files has been sucessfully uploaded. Your main default page should be named "index.html". This is the page that people will see when someone access your website.

  6. That's it! Now, you can access your website via the browser with your domain name. Remember, your domain name must be active an propagated before it'll work.

    Note: this a very basic explanation of WS_FTP LE so that you can get your website up and running, for full details and other tutorials, click here.

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