Our Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service must be agreed by the Customer when ordering a package from HostingHelper.co.uk. Through agreeing our Terms of Service you are also agreeing our Acceptable Use Policy and our Private Policy.

Customers are recommended to backup all data stored on our servers, as it is not guaranteed to be backed up by HostingHelper.co.uk.

HostingHelper.co.uk are not liable for any loss, damage or change to customer's data on the server caused by misuse, unavailability or removal of service.

Customers are solely responsible for the entire content of their website. Please ensure you agree with the Acceptable Use Policy and that your website reflects the instructions set out by HostingHelper.co.uk.

Customers using threatening or offensive language or actions towards HostingHelper.co.uk or its staff will have there sites removed from the servers, these sites once removed will not be re-instated under any condition

Customers are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee on all packages supplied by HostingHelper.co.uk; however this does exclude domain registration fees and any additional services purchased with your account, including overages charges. For people getting the lower price of paying yearly the refund period is for the first 30 days only (partial periods of time after the first 30 days are not refundable if paying yearly).

Customers are not permitted to store, resell or give away their website to any other person whilst under a contract with HostingHelper.co.uk.

HostingHelper.co.uk reserve the right to cancel your account at any point in time, for whatever reason without prior notice.

You are not permitted to store any more data than your given package amount agreed on the server. Should you exceed this limit HostingHelper.co.uk will suspend your account until further notice. You will be advised of what measures to take to ensure your stay within your limit.

Should the Customer wish to terminate their HostingHelper.co.uk account, they must send written confirmation to HostingHelper.co.uk with 30 days notice.

On closing a HostingHelper.co.uk account all data on the server will be deleted. Please ensure you have a full backup of everything stored before canceling as we will not be able to reclaim this data.

The Customer may not run any server processes, for example talkers and IRC from HostingHelper.co.uk servers.

Should the customer exceed their bandwidth limit shown on chosen package, which then reaches the point where it has an adverse effect on our other HostingHelper.co.uk customers we reserve the right to disable the website until you can reduce the usage. This must be approved by HostingHelper.co.uk before re-activating the customer's account.

As the customer you are responsible for all the data contained within your website. You must ensure you have obtained any permission needed for any of the data, HostingHelper.co.uk are not liable for any consequence should it arise.

HostingHelper.co.uk reserve the right to modify/update or revise this agreement without prior notice, at any point in time. If you have any queries regarding this agreement please contact HostingHelper.co.uk on [email protected].

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